Juicy balls of goodness a perfect summer partner

Elton Inglis, Executive Chef, Sydney Tower Dining.

WHEN talking stone fruit, we often think about the amazing mangoes we have at our disposal here in Australia but the reality is that, when summer hits, the best mangoes have finished and we move into what I consider the best fruit we grow here on the East Coast.

Nothing can compare to the wonderful stone fruits that come through at the height of summer.
A plump plum, a deliciously ripe peach or a juicy nectarine can be eaten as is, in fruit salads or in a beautiful savoury salad.
You can also try just roasting them lightly and serving with a white protein like chicken or pork.
I first fell in love with stone fruits in Europe with the best fruit coming from Italy and I kept thinking to myself that Australia must produce some good quality fruit because of the blistering heat that would ripen the fruit perfectly and I wasn’t wrong.
Get yourself to the market and get your kids into these beauties. My boy loves them but not as much as me.
Happy summer!