Invite stonemason to enter Hidden contest

AN ancient skill still being used today, stonemasonry is one of the oldest crafts in history when humans began arranging rocks to create shelters in the Neolithic Period (or Stone Age) 12,000 years ago.

Usually hosting an annual stonemasons exhibition, Rookwood Cemetery is this year calling on apprentice and experienced stonemasons to enter their design in the inaugural Hidden Rookwood Stonemasons competition, with a range of prizes on offer.
Simply enter a sketch of your proposed hand carving of an existing or original Gothic architectural detail by May 5.
NSW Public Works is donating Sydney Yellow Block Sandstone as the carving material for finalists, with each approximately 30 x 30 x 30cm, weighing 65kg.
The stone must be worked with hand tools, including the use of electric and pneumatic hand tools (no stone processing machinery to be used).
Stonemason finalists will then have four months to carve their work (May 29-September 22) and winners will be announced ahead of the Hidden exhibition opening from October 21-November 19.
One of the judges, Michael Landers, is the Head Teacher of Stonemasonry at TAFE NSW.
He has been involved in many restoration projects including the gargoyles at the University of Sydney and finials for the St Mary’s Cathedral spires project.
He said he would be looking for strong artisan skills and originality but if anyone came up with a Grecian pattern from 2000 years ago, that would certainly catch his eye.
“If someone produced an architectural element in a building and made it into something extra or took it further, that would certainly excite us too,” he said.
Applicants are welcome to discuss their proposal idea with curator Kath Fries, via email, before submitting entries: