Invest two hours to safeguard business

IT will come as no surprise that just as in life, business issues that have legal connotations distract us from our goals, challenge our values and disrupt us from achieving our business plans.

Offering you an opportunity to protect your business – if you have two hours to invest, Digital Age Lawyers is hosting a workshop, ‘Contracts and Legal Matters’, at Auburn Centre for Community this Thursday, August 15, 10am-noon.
“At Digital Age, we practise what we preach to our clients and we use one key principle which is have your essential business documents up to date and implemented,” workshop facilitator Katherine Hawes said.
“Every business needs these documents for one very important reason – to protect it.
In this workshop you will hear why legal documents exist, how they assist your business and discussion on Confidentiality Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers and Waivers, Privacy Policy, Employment Contracts, Partnership Agreements, Supplier Agreements, Trading Terms and Estate Planning.
“You’ll gain new tools, knowledge, the means to handle and develop legally astute and advantageous contracts, implement strategies to ensure contracts are plainly expressed and well risk-managed to protect your interests in the future if things go wrong.”
You can register for the workshop by contacting Western Sydney Business Centre on 4721 5011 or visiting