Intergenerational Catchup on offer

CALLING on the community to take part in something “extraordinary”, Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre (CHNC) will be hosting an Intergenerational Catchup (pictured) in early December.

An opportunity where wisdom meets youthful energy to share experience, questions and ambitions, attendees will be seniors as well as those aged from 11-16 years.
CHNC organiser Sangit Subedi is hoping to pair up a senior with a preteen/teen for fun and games including guessing and spelling competitions, screen footage of times when seniors were young with them also bringing along photographs of their younger selves.
“We are excited to be hosting the initiative after some of our seniors felt like they were missing out with no young people in their lives,” he said.
“Similarly some of our youth drop-in attendees also don’t have older generation people in their lives so we thought it would be a win-win situation and that both groups could have fun and get something out of the day, even make a new friend.”
If interested in taking part or attending the Intergenerational Catchup on Thursday, December 7, 4-5.30pm, call Sangit, 9644 9436.