Install camera to thwart ‘dumpers’

TEMPORARY CCTV cameras will be installed at the Esplanade Reserve on Clyde Street at Guildford, in an effort to catch people illegally dumping food and other waste at the site.

Councillor Ned Attie said he had “countless images” of piles of food being dumped in the park, adding that it attracted birds and other pests.
“It’s disgusting,” he said.
Councillors earlier also agreed to a similar request from Cr Eddy Sarkis for a CCTV camera to address illegal dumping at Pemulwuy Lake.
Cr Sarkis left the council chamber during the subsequent discussion about moving a camera to Guildford, as he lives close to the park in question.
Council’s director, community development, Brooke Endycott said moving the cameras wasn’t an issue as they were constantly changing location anyway. She also noted that the council had applied for a number of grants to expand the number of cameras for use.