Indian migrants invited to add tale to National Library project

WANTING a better quality of life and more educational opportunities for their family, Bankstown’s Nadeem and Nazish Ahmed with a young child in tow, left their home near Delhi, India, and migrated to Australia nearly 20 years ago.

Nadeem said it was a decision they have never regretted despite feeling socially isolated for the first few years.
It was because of this that in 2007, he founded support group ‘Indians In Sydney’ which now has a membership of over 130,000 members from across Australia.
“It’s a way to connect with others, support them on their journey and celebrate Indian and Australian culture,” he said.
“Australia is such an amazing country with great weather, beautiful landscape to explore and a more peaceful, multicultural society.
“We still holiday in India and see family there every couple of years but moving here was the best decision of our lives.”
The National Library of Australia is calling on Australians with Indian heritage to add their stories and experiences to a national collection – which Nadeem and Nazish are both planning to do.
Australians with Indian heritage are Australia’s fastest growing migrant group, comprising over 750,000 people in 2022 – with the first Indian subcontinent traders, labourers and domestic workers arriving in the early 1800s.
The Indian Diaspora in Australia collecting project will capture diverse stories and voices through multiple formats, including interviews, books, newsletters, newspapers, photographs and personal archives.
If you have items to donate or want to tell your story, and be part of the national collection, visit: