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Ideal time to de-clutter for selling

THE winter doom and gloom has finally come to an end and finally, Spring is here.

Days are getting longer and warmer, trees and flowers are springing into bloom,and as the old adage says, ‘spring is a time to make a fresh start’.
It’s time to spring back into action and the best way to start is to clean out the accumulation over the winter months and bring your home back into order.
At this time of year I like to re-read ‘The life changing magic of tidying’ by Marie Kondo. A Japanese de-cluttering guru, she transforms cluttered homes into serene spaces.
One of the key concepts is to only keep things that “spark joy”. This is an interesting concept, as I held up so many items from clothes and towels to make up, I asked myself “does this bring me joy?” if the answer is ‘no’ it gets thrown out. Although I’m not sure that kitchen utensils will ever ‘bring me joy’, it was liberating to get rid of things I felt I “should” keep rather than keeping for the purpose of ‘joy’.
Here are some tips to help get a ‘spring’ into de-cluttering your home:
De-clutter – Set aside time to de-clutter your house. Start by categorising items i.e. tops/towels/utensils etc and get them from all corners of the home. One person’s trash is another’s treasure so why not give it away? I’ve found some great local pay it forward pages on facebook where people will come to you and take away your items.
Clean out the pantry – We tend to eat differently in winter to the warmer months. Detox your pantry and your diet with fresh produce.
Your wardrobe – Why not store those winter woollies, bulky clothes and jackets away and give your clothes room to breath.
Painting – Look around you’ll probably see scurf marks, why not give rooms a refresh? With a flick of a brush it can change the entire mood of the room.
Soft surfaces – Don’t forget to clean carpets, pillows, upholstery and duvets it’s the perfect time to leave them in the sunshine after washing.
Now for the most important part, treat yourself when you’re done. You’ve done a good thing and you will reap the benefits.
This is never more important that if you are thinking of selling your home.
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