Ideal time to buy used car

DON’T wait till the end of the financial year – now is the perfect time to buy a used car, with prices edging down following a soft market last December and less competition about.

The December edition of the Automotive Insights Report (AIR) says the average time it takes to sell a used car is increasing over time – which could mean a discounted price and win for the buyer.
The team at Marshall Motors Garage, Auburn, say it’s the ideal time to buy a used car with many consumers still on holidays or others dealing with return to school costs.
“There’s plenty of great deals available here,” Chris Jones said.
Ahmed Habib from Skip the Car Dealer Auburn, said that while the new car market had taken a hit as motorists contend with higher rents and mortgages, plenty of bargains could be found in the used car market.
“A lot of these cars are still holding their value well and we offer a great range, from first car buys to some high-end options, the choice is yours,” he said.
The Granville’s Wholesale Used Cars team say there are plenty of bargains to be had.
“Now’s the time to pounce,” one salesperson said.
Auto Gallery’s KG Smith added: “If you’ve got some time, come in and check out our range.”
With the market for electric cars still immature but expected to grow, the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) CEO James Voortman said petrol and diesel cars made up around 95 per cent of cars for sale.
“We are seeing a trend of used vehicles taking longer to sell with December being the second month in a row that average days to sell is over 50,” he said.