HSC study centre success

WITH a new technology centre and specialised STEM room added, Kingsgrove North High School has gone through a number of upgrades over the past four years to provide a better learning environment.

All classrooms have new furniture, the latest interactive whiteboards and have been freshly painted.
Coloured pin boards, printed blinds and a variety of different themes have added to what has become an inviting learning space.
Specialised classrooms for each faculty area have also been developed along with two commercial kitchens and an outdoor learning centre.
Sporting facilities have been upgraded with new basketball courts, an indoor futsal soccer court and a new oval with its own computerised sprinkler system.
Other additions include new pathways, pergolas, coloured seating and gardens across the school to create a warm and welcoming learning space.

“Our commitment in ensuring we provide the best possible teaching and learning has resulted in outstanding 2019 HSC results,” Head Teacher CAPA, Sarah Noulas, said.
“The new HSC senior study centre that has been developed in the library, is a first for any school with breakout rooms for individual or group work as well as the employment of a full-time teacher to work with our senior students as they prepare for the HSC.
“We are constantly looking at expanding our facilities and resources and planning is underway for the development of a second STEM/Technology centre that will incorporate coding, the use of drones, holograms and a connection to Microsoft that will provide cutting edge technology and opportunities for our students.”