How work’s keeping grandmas fit, young

Samantha Thornley.

CELEBRATED on the last Sunday in October, Grandparents Day recognises the contribution of our elders from all backgrounds including those that are juggling family duties while holding down a job.

Rhonda Terese.

Two such grandmothers – Samantha Thornley and Rhonda Terese – are both longtime employees of McDonalds and are planning to keep working for as long as they are able.
With over 15 years’ service, Samantha won Macca’s Host Champions competition in 2017, embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a seven-day, all expenses paid, study tour to Los Angeles.
She said that though initially shy, working for Maccas had been great for her confidence and keeping busy kept her mental health strong.
“When you’re in paid work, you feel better about yourself,” she said.
“I really look forward to each day and saying hi to all the regulars.
“I love how flexible working here is; it offers the best work, life balance.”
Rhonda agreed and is also full of praise for their employers at Padstow McDonalds, Mina and Tony Favotto.
“I’ve been here 17 years and will keep working for as long as I can,” she said.
“It’s good for you, working with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.
“I’ve made some friends for life and working keeps me fit and brain stimulated.
“If you’re older and considering returning to work, I would say just go for it.”
The Federal Government announced in September that from January 1, Age Pensioners would receive a one-off $4,000 credit to their Work Bonus income bank.
The maximum income bank balance will also be permanently increased to $11,800.