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How ‘virtual runs’ offer all benefits

WHEN the pandemic brought competition and training to an abrupt halt at Bankstown Sports Athletics, the club was quick to devise an activity to ensure that members had some purposeful exercise and that they were able to stay connected with each other.

A ‘virtual run’ has enable them to do this.
Members and other interested people find their own 5km course – anywhere of their choosing.
Some are using the criterium circuit next to the Velodrome at The Crest, others are taking to the paths at Lake Gillawarna while others, Dianne and Roger Hillsdon (pictured) prefer one of the many parks in the area.
Participants take part any day of the week, at a time of their choosing, and adhere to all Covid restrictions including wearing masks. Each week, people submit their times which allows them to keep track of their performance and to give them the motivation to do his weekly. A 1km run is being introduced to give everyone an incentive to get out in the open air.
Although the club had four members at the Tokyo Olympics and has won several championships, it has a focus on people having fun and enjoying themselves while undertaking healthy activities.
Anyone is welcome to join in regardless of their age or level of fitness. Details: bankstownsportsathletics.com.au.