How long do you wait to see GP?

THE Pharmacy Guild of Australia has launched the National Waiting Time Survey to identify how much time we spend sitting in GPs’ waiting rooms.
National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, George Tambassis says everyone knows families find it hard to get in to see their GP, and when they finally get an appointment, they almost always get stuck in the waiting room.
“We want to find out how long it’s taking Australians to get a GP appointment and how long they’re spending sitting in waiting rooms across the country waiting for that appointment.”
The National Waiting Time Survey, at, asks patients how long it took them to get an appointment, how long they sat in the waiting room, which suburb their appointment was in and the healthcare provider.
“We know our health system is already under pressure and isn’t adapting to our ageing and growing population. We want to understand the full extent of, and geography of the bottlenecks so we can address them at the source,” Mr Tambassis said.
“Next time patients are sitting in a GP’s waiting room they need to fill out the survey to help us understand where the bottlenecks are so we can fix the system,” he said.