How locals lead ‘war on waste’

Volunteers from the new War on Waste group collecting litter from the shores of Haslams Creek near Newington, aka Haslams Creek Flats.

DOZENS of bags of rubbish have been collected by a group of Newington residents working together with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA).

Coming together as ‘War on Waste – Newington and Wentworth Point’, the group has been cleaning up the shores of Haslams Creek near Newington.
A clean-up in February saw them collect 15 bags of rubbish in just one-and-a-half hours, with a quick count from just a few bags revealing over 360 straws and 380 bottle tops.

Floating litter trapped by a Sydney Olympic Park Authority boom at Haslam’s Creek and scheduled for removal.

Sixteen bags, including confectionery wrappers, plastic bags, bottle tops, straws and polystyrene were also collected on Clean Up Australia Day.
While SOPA prevents large volumes of waste from entering the environment – 82 tonnes was removed from over 40 gross pollutant traps, 76 stormwater litter baskets and more than 10 floating litter booms across the Park in 2017-18 – waste continues to be an issue.
Litter can smother mangrove and saltmarsh seedlings, endanger wildlife, and be carried out to sea.
Future clean-ups are scheduled for the first weekend of the month and more information is available