How locals can help fire fighter role

WHEN they’re not fighting fires or freeing people trapped in cars, firefighters carry out more routine tasks such as hydrant inspections in the streets around their stations.

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Merrylands deputy captain Warren Jones says the inspections help them to identify faulty hydrants as well as those that have been covered over with grass.
“Hydrants are a valve connection to the water main which allows Fire and Rescue Firefighters to access a continuous flow of water in a fire emergency,” he said.
“Our fire trucks carry only enough water to make an initial fire attack, so locating and getting a hydrant to work is one of a firefighter’s priorities.
“Often firefighters find that hydrants are hidden or not maintained and cannot be used at a fire emergency.”
He says residents can help by keeping the area around hydrants clear of any grass, vegetation, gardens, rubbish and dirt, and by also by ensuring no one parks over a hydrant at any time.
“By looking after the hydrant near your house or work you are helping firefighters in a fire emergency.”