How insulin dependent can take ride for health

JUST over 100 years ago, there were hospital wards all over the world full of children and adults with Type 1 Diabetes who were semi-comatose and waiting to die.

Regarded as a death sentence, half of people who developed it died within two years and more than 90 per cent were dead within five years.
Thanks to the introduction of insulin therapy in 1922, and numerous advances since, many people with Type 1 Diabetes now live well into their senior years.
Shining a spotlight on Diabetes Week (July 14-21), Blue Circle Cycle Club founder Leon Tribe invites others with Type 1 Diabetes to discover a new lease of life at his meet-up group.
A beginner-level, weekly cycling club for people with insulin-dependent diabetes, Blue Circle members meet on Saturday mornings to go for a ride at Sydney Olympic Park, with coffee and meeting others afterwards to share experiences and swap tips and tricks.
With a venue playground and nearby cafe, many bring along their families while they get a dose of exercise and support from like-minded mates.
Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes seven years ago, Leon started the group pre-covid and is keen to build up membership again.
He said many people with diabetes avoided exercise because they thought it was just another aspect of their condition to manage but they didn’t realise the health benefits they were missing out on.
“During the rides which range from 3-30km and are mostly flat, we pair up and include regular stops to check glucose levels,” he said.
“Our aim is to try to lower the barriers for people with Type 1 Diabetes so they can enjoy the fresh air and the health boost regular exercise gives you which includes the body using insulin more efficiently.
“We hope to see a lot of new faces soon.”
For more info: or call Leon on 0411 348 229.