How greyhound adoption on rise due to ‘easy pet’

GREYHOUNDS have rapidly become one of the most popular pets in the country, and you can rarely walk the suburban streets without coming across someone with a collar and lead on one.

That’s because they have so much going for them, according to Sydney Olympic Park greyhound owners Amanda and daughter Emma Campbell.
They have newly adopted greyhound Willow, 5, and pomapoo (pomeranian and poodle cross) Lulu, 9, whom they adopted nine years ago.
The best of friends, Amanda said Willow was settling in well and got along brilliantly with her ‘co worker’.
“Willow does have a comfy bed of her own, but she enjoys checking out everyone else’s,” Amanda said with a laugh.
Emma, a dedicated law student at Sydney Uni, says her friends are obsessed with Willow.
“Willow is a hoarder and makes us laugh as she collects items for her bed,” she said.
“The dogs love two small walks a day and we’re finding having a greyhound is just so easy.”
Almost as a clean as a cat with their grooming, greyhounds are quiet, shed very little and have no undercoat so are less likely to trigger allergies.
Adopting Willow through Greyhounds As Pets (GAP), Emma said the group was very supportive throughout the adoption process and only a call away.