Hospital’s under immense strain

THERE is increasing strain on Canterbury Hospital to deliver health services and the complete upgrade of the hospital is well overdue, says State MP for Canterbury, Sophie Cotsis.

MP pushing for funds for long overdue upgrade

She has demanded more investment in the hospital and is encouraging the community to provide feedback on an upgrade.

Ms Cotsis said “the overdevelopment of our local communities and the growth in population” has placed on a strain on the hospital and its staff.

“Since the election of the Liberal Government eight years ago, hospital waiting times have continuously increased,” she said.

“Data from the Bureau of Health revealed last year that more than one in five patients have had to wait longer than the national benchmark of four hours at Canterbury Hospital’s Emergency Department.”

She said while the hospital’s emergency department would undergo a $9 million upgrade, more needed to be done.

She is also calling on the new Minister for Health “to visit Canterbury Hospital with me to understand the full extent of works and investments required”. 

“We have held countless community forums, street meetings and petitions to secure extra investment into Canterbury Hospital,” she said.

“I will not let the Berejiklian Government off the hook if they think that this is the end of this issue.”