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Hospital resources thefts puts more stress on staff

THIEVES stealing vital supplies, including hand sanitiser, are making an already difficult situation harder for NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) members Tanja Neitisbach, Sarah Sisson and Riki Richards from Auburn Hospital. They are among the thousands of health workers going to work each day trying to keep the public safe during the Covid-19 outbreak.

VITAL resources including bottles of hand sanitiser, face masks and other vital resources are being stolen from hospital wards and increasing the stress on staff.
Describing the behaviour as “unacceptable”, NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) general secretary, Brett Holmes, said the thefts were leaving nurses and other hospital staff exposed.
Pleading with the public to treat nurses, midwives and other health workers with respect, Mr Holmes’ simple message for communities is help us to help you.
He said as more cases of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continue to be confirmed across metropolitan and regional parts of the state, pressure is building on local health services.
“The reality is nurses, midwives and other health workers are extremely aware of their own personal risks as they endeavour to care for others in our hospitals and communities,” he said.
“Please do not treat nurses, midwives and other health workers like they are infectious.
“These trained professionals should be respected and must not be abused, spat on or assaulted as they move through our communities, to and from their workplaces.
“If you need to visit a hospital, be aware that your access may be limited and you may undergo screening as part of safety measures against the spread of Covid-19 to patients or other hospital staff.”
Mr Holmes also urged people to do their part and to stay at home where possible, practise social distancing and proper hygiene at all times, and heed the national advice and directives.
“Nurses, midwives and other health workers are hard at work in our hospitals and other health settings keeping us all safe.”