Home care support key to improve quality of life

THE Catholic Healthcare team understands the importance of receiving the right aged care services for ensuring an independent life at home which is why they specialise in customised home care plans.

At the core of effective home care, a personalised approach recognises the uniqueness of everyone – their life history, likes and dislikes, health needs and future aspirations, with collaboration the cornerstone of an effective home care plan.
This involves an inclusive approach where care recipients, family members, healthcare professionals and aged care workers come together to discuss, plan and implement a package that best fits the individual as well as if needs have changed since the initial assessment with My Aged Care.
Here are some tips to choosing the right home care: Set clear goals – define what you hope to achieve including improving health and mobility, fostering social connections or pursuing interests; Research and consult – explore the services offered by home care providers like Catholic Healthcare; Consider the whole person – look beyond physical care needs, consider how services can support mental health; and Plan for the future – choose services that can easily adapt to ever-changing needs.
“At Catholic Healthcare, we believe a home care plan, when tailored thoughtfully, can significantly enhance the quality of life, offering comfort, independence and joy in the familiar surroundings of one’s own home,” a spokesperson said.
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