Hilarious first date wins Short+Sweet finals spot

BRAVE people, getting caught in an uncertain queue, a strange burglar break-in and a love triangle as well as a first date fiasco, starring Georges Hall resident Kathy Luu, are among the finalists in this weekend’s Short+Sweet Festival gala.

Actor Kathy Luu

Written by legendary US screenwriter Ken Levine, who has worked on MASH and Cheers, ‘Blind Date’ explores an unusual first date in which a young couple dine in a pitch black restaurant.
Kathy said anyone who’s been on the dating scene looking for love, will definitely be able to relate to it.
“Surprise after surprise comes forth as personal things about each other gets revealed,” she said.
“The script is hilarious and also probably because the play is set in the dark.
“It’s a very bold, fresh move and a different yet spellbinding experience for the audience.
“Our director Hollie Meyer is amazing and so is my scene partner Philippe Klaus who is such a great nuanced theatre actor.”
Kathy said the project had been fun to work on and they were thrilled to have reached the finals.
“I’m working with friends on this and we’ve got such great rapport and chemistry, I’m looking forward to showcasing ‘Bind Date’ to as many people as possible because it’s so clever, thought-provoking and entertaining,” she said.
You can catch ‘Blind ‘Date and the other short, sharp, tasty theatre bites at Turner Hall, Ultimo, from Friday to Sunday, May 3-5, from 6.30pm.