High flyer shares secret on soaring to game’s top

FRESH from conquering 19 rivals in the ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ earlier this month at Padstow RSL in front of a crowd of over 300, Keegan Brettle has now earned the opportunity to take on the USA’s Orlando Jordan in the All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in April.

He’s only 29 but in the last 10 years, wrestling has already taken him to the USA five times, Canada, Japan and across Australia.
Since he was six, Keegan had wanted to be a professional wrestler.
He watched TV in awe as professional wrestlers from the USA battled one another.
“They were like superheroes to me as a kid and now I’ve grown up to become one,” he said with a laugh.
“I just loved the characters, the drama, the stories and all the moves, I thought the whole scene was very cool.”
Fellow wrestler and wife Jasmine was the women’s champion up until her recent defeat at Padstow.
“But that’s ok,” Keegan said.
“She’s very good, she’ll get it back.”
Parents to a two-year-old son, the couple often train together and have even wrestled each other a few times, constantly pushing each other to be the best they can be with Keegan also running the All-Star Wrestling Training School on weekends and training at the gym six times a week.
He said fans call his wrestling character ‘VB’.
“It stands for Very Best, I’m a bit of a bogan, and when I come out in the ring, I’m usually drinking a can of VB,” he said.
“When people ask how I’ve built such an incredibly strong body, I say it’s veggies and beef with a capital V and a capital B and to do well, you also have to be very fit.
“I played footy for six years but that was nothing compared to wrestling and there’s often pain involved, it’s pretty serious stuff.”
He tells his young trainees that if they want to reach the top, they need passion, determination, enthusiasm and a hunger for success.
“It’s a great career and for me, it’s extremely well paid but of course, that depends on how good you are,” he said.
“Even if it’s your dream, stay in school, study hard and have a back-up plan.”
All-Star Wrestling’s Sixth Anniversary event, featuring Keegan’s fight for the Heavyweight Championship, is on at Padstow RSL on April 13.
For tickets and inquiries about the wrestling training school: