High Achievers share HSC secret

WITH rich, detailed and raw discussions featuring, Trinity Catholic College Auburn students ‘High Achievers’ from 2023 have returned to their old stomping ground to answer the current HSC cohort’s burning questions about what it takes to achieve exam success.

The college’s Leader of Learning and Curriculum and HSC Q & A organiser, Georgina Tsiftsis said it was a huge success and an initiative that had been in the planning works for a few years.
“Many of our HSC students were asking questions and seeking advice on things such as time management, study habits, getting that extra mark, what to do with feedback, and balancing family, work and outside commitments so we thought why not have the graduating High Achievers provide testimonials to address some of their concerns,” she said.
“Many of our students cannot afford extra tuition and therefore rely on their teachers and previous students to assist and support them during their HSC journey.
“This also empowers our graduated HSC High Achievers as they feel that they are giving back, even if it is by just sharing some wisdom and words of advice.”
Questions ranged from ‘how much did you study on average’, ‘does listening to music help while studying’ and ‘what is your biggest HSC regret’ to ‘did you have extracurricular activities’, ‘what are ways to improve your writing’, ‘what way do you study’ and ‘what sources of motivation did you use’.
College Captain Jonathan Webb said: “Gaining the knowledge and perspectives from students who have excelled in the journey that we are about to embark on, was an invaluable experience.”
College Vice-Captain Gemma Weir said: “It was a very helpful and motivating experience as it gave me new insights into how to approach my studies.
“I hope that I too can next year be in their position.”