Help to keep battler warm

A warm blanket makes a big difference to those sleeping rough.

BRACING themselves for an influx of calls to help after the bitterly cold snap last week, Auburn Salvos are calling on the public to donate blankets, coats and warm clothing.

Charities need donations of blankets, sleeping bags

Leanne Plon says that despite the cold weather only just arriving, they were already experiencing a greater demand for goods.
“We will soon be in urgent need of blankets and warm clothing and would greatly appreciate any donations that residents can make,” she said.
Meanwhile, volunteers at Vinnies Van Services regularly hand out sleeping bags and blankets to the people they assist.
According to Gemma Cameron, Sydney Vinnies Van Services Coordinator, they are running dangerously low on warm sleeping materials and are calling on the public to donate new, adult sized, good quality sleeping bags.
They would also love brand new blankets to distribute.
“While a sleeping bag is a long way from a comfortable bed in a warm, safe room, it can still make a difference for people who are sleeping rough during these cold winter days and nights,” Gemma said.
“Year on year we have seen an increase in the number of people we see each night, and with the nights getting colder, demand for blankets and sleeping bags is very high. A good sleeping bag is vitally important for people who are sleeping rough to protect them from the elements at night and help prevent a decline in health.”
To arrange blanket or sleeping bag drop off, call 0409 927 939 or email nightpatrol@sydneyvinnies.orgf.