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Help set up vital gym for those with disability

CENTACARE Belmore is well on its way to establishing an onsite gym, thanks to the generosity of Epoxy Flooring’s Darius Soltani who provided a new floor free of charge, saying: “I’m a big believer in the philosophy ‘who gives, gains’ and I am always looking for ways to help.” Darius, right, shows off the completed floor to Centacare Training Manager Sandra Younes, Centacare participant Mathew Abi-Hanna and Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce CEO Wally Mehanna.

UNSUCCESSFUL in their application for a grant to build an onsite gym, staff at Centacare Belmore wondered how they were going to get the much-needed plan off the ground when Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce stepped in.

“CEO Wally Mehanna put us in touch with Epoxy Flooring in Bankstown and owner Darius Soltani and two staff took only two days to provide us with new flooring at no cost,” Centacare Training Manager Sandra Younes said.
“We were overwhelmed as the work would normally cost $4,000 and we are very grateful to Darius and very pleased we joined the Chamber of Commerce which was only recently.”
Teaching life skills to about 80 clients with intellectual disability, Sandra says setting up the gym is vital.
“Some of our clients struggle to get on and off the bus and in and out of a chair; we need the gym so we can make them stronger and fitter,” Sandra said.
“They’re learning about healthy cooking – one woman, 62, had never operated an oven as her mother was too scared she’d burn herself – as well as how to handle and count money as many fear that when they pay for something, they might be ripped off.
“Helping them achieve physical fitness will go a long way to boost their independence so they’re not as reliant on other people.”
Sandra said that since the flooring was complete, another resident had donated rubber matting and some cardio equipment.
“What we need though are weights, resistance equipment and kettle balls,” Sandra said.
“We have plenty of volunteer personal trainees, including local TAFE students, ready to go.”
If you can help, call Sandra on 0447 476 428 or 13 18 19.