Help rivers in clean up

A MOTORBIKE engine, hydro-electric pump weighing 118kg, pushbikes, trolleys and tonnes of polystyrene plastic were part of the eight-and-half tonne haul of rubbish out of the Cooks River at Canterbury over four days last week.

Establishing large scale waterway cleaning charity Ocean Crusaders about 10 years ago, Ian Thomson says it ceases to amaze him just how much rubbish ends up in the Cooks and Georges Rivers.
“Looking into the eyes of a dead turtle and wondering what killed it, to later find out it was plastics, drives this campaign to ensure that our oceans, waterways and beaches are clean and safe for all animals,” he said.
With Ocean Crusaders working with the River Canoe Club of NSW as well as Cooks River Alliance, Cooks River Valley Association, Cooks River Eco Volunteers and the Mudcrabs, volunteers are needed at the second annual Cooks River Clean Up and Paddle Against Plastic this Sunday, February 23, 8.30am-1pm.
Teams of community members will be working both on the water and on the banks of the Cooks River. There will also be live music, a barbecue and refreshments, along with interactive displays from the different partner community groups.
The event will be based out of the River Canoe Club’s clubhouse in Tempe.
There is also a Georges River Clean Up event on Sunday, March 8, 10am-1pm, getting underway at Salt Pan Creek boat ramp.
To book attendance or for more info for both events, go to,, eventbrite or email