Help mum raise business

Support so kids, work can thrive

ARE you struggling with raising your small business as well as your children?

Have you delved into an industry and don’t know how to begin networking or where to look next?

The Mums In Business Association (MIBA) could hold the answer, so find out for yourself at its next meeting on August 29 at Canterbury League Club.

Presenting their own inspirational stories while learning and motivating each other in a supporting and welcoming environment, the program lets local mums in business, network, share advice and potentially grow their businesses together.

The association seeks to empower women and show them how to create a lifestyle in which their children, themselves and their businesses can thrive. 

Coordinated by local business owner and Mum, Lisa Lofthouse, the Canterbury-Bankstown chapter of MIBA offers a tailored program for mothers in the  area.

“The biggest thing for me and my ladies is all about getting our businesses built, getting people purchasing our products and keeping positive,” she said.

Brain child of sisters Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton, the MIBA has grown to be hugely successful since their humble beginnings in 2017, now currently boasting more than a 80,000 strong fellowship around the world.

Start your journey today and maybe become the next big Aussie mumpreneur success story, with places available at the event for as little as $28 at