Help locals in council work bid

A CANTERBURY Bankstown Councillor has called for action to give local business a bigger slice of the pie.

Cr George Zakhia says that as one of our city’s biggest employers, and with a budget of around $350m, it’s important that the council provides those interested local businesses with the understanding, know-how and ability to respond to the required regulatory requirements when bidding for council work.
“I don’t want any business missing an opportunity,” he said.
He says there are in excess of 33,000 registered businesses in Canterbury Bankstown, employing over 118,000 dedicated staff and it’s important they have the abilities to compete for council work.
“One of the cornerstones of our economy is the ongoing success of small to medium size businesses throughout all cities throughout our country,” he said.
“So any help we can provide is a win for local business and a win for the community.”
The council will now incorporate a relevant training program/short-course associated with providing interested businesses with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the regulatory framework and required information when bidding for council work as part of its proposed Economic Development Strategy.
“I propose that the council also incorporates its commitment to further supporting our local businesses, by way of it committing to buying locally, where it demonstrates value-for-money for the council,” Cr Zakhia said.
“I am proud of the great work the council does in supporting our local economy and businesses to ensure we remain one of the most prominent business areas within our state.”
He said the council’s proposal to establish a ‘Business Hub’ will also provide the opportunity for it to offer the necessary insights into the required process for quoting and/or tendering for council work, as they arise, including relevant rules around complying with codes, policies and business ethics statements.