Help drive home ‘safety message’

HOMEBUSH Mazda has joined forces with Auburn Police to support crime prevention.

Dealer Principal Michael Friend handed over a Mazda BT to the Auburn Police Commander Superintendent Simon Glasser and the team in the Crime Prevention Unit.
The vehicle will not be used for operational purposes, but instead, will take the officers to community events and schools to conduct presentations on safety and crime prevention strategies.
Mr Friend said the partnership would help drive home the importance of safety and crime prevention, raising awareness through collaborations with schools and community groups.
“We are delighted to contribute to this initiative, actively participating in and supporting our local community,” he said.
Supt Glasser said the vehicle had also been marked up with QR codes for the ‘Empower You’ app which supports their domestic violence strategy.
“I would like to thank Homebush Mazda for partnering with us at Auburn Police Area Command to support our community and domestic violence strategies,” he said.
“It is great that a local business has provided this level of assistance that will ultimately benefit the local community.”