Healthy mum now a cover girl

NEVER dreaming she would be a magazine cover girl, Merrylands resident Fa’asega Vandermade is appearing on the front cover of ‘The Healthy Mummy’ along with three other brave mums who’ve lost over 118kg between them.

Fa’asega’s life changed in 2018 when she stumbled across the weight loss website and was inspired to lose 34kg by her 31st birthday in July 2019.
Now feeling more like 21 than 31, Fa’asega’s weight ballooned after having her two children, Khloe, 7, and Tavene, 4.
Up until then, she had never considered herself a ‘big’ person.
“Having people not recognise me and realising that I was shopping for plus size, was something that was uncomfortable for me,” she said.
After a period of depression at 109kg, she joined The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group.
“I initially signed up with a starter box,” she said.
“I would have a Healthy Mummy smoothie for breakfast each day (as I don’t like breakfast) and follow the recipes in the book.”
She was also doing 45 minute workouts from the Challenge App.
Some of Fa’asega’s favourite snacks include WeetBix balls, apple with peanut butter and beetroot salad.
She was soon doing a one-hour walk three times a week and regularly smashing her 10,000 steps a day. Then her weight loss plateaued at 17kg.
Determined to reach her goal weight, she joined a gym and works out three to four times a week on her own.
“It was the best gift to myself joining The Healthy Mummy community,” Fa’asega said.
“My children love it too as I have so much energy and we are always trying new food; my daughter made one of the meals and took a photo to send to her teacher as one of her home schooling projects.
“I am half Pacific Islander and my goal now is to inspire all Pacific Islander mums to take good care of themselves.”