Health emergency bid

URGENT action needs to be taken to avert a possible Ross River fever outbreak in suburbs along the Georges River, says Councillor Steve Tuntevski.

Urgent action needed to tackle mosquito outbreak

At his request, Canterbury Bankstown Council will write to the State Government requesting the development of a Georges River Mosquito Management Plan and write to the mayors of neighbouring councils to seek their support.

Earlier this year, Mosquito trapping around the Deepwater Park area of the Georges River, showed high numbers of the saltmarsh mosquito, Aedes vigilax. The NSW Arbovirus Surveillance and Mosquito Monitoring Program also detected Barmah Forest Virus in mosquitoes around the Georges River.

Cr Tuntevski suggested a similar program to that at Sydney Olympic Park where they used aerial spraying of the mosquito larvicide known as Bti, which targets saltwater mosquitoes (Aedes vigilax).

Councillor Steve Tuntevski is calling on the State Government to establish a disease control plan to tackle toxic mosquito outbreaks on the Georges River. Photo by RADIM CECHVALA

“Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance, they can transmit serious diseases,” he said.

“I’m concerned that in recent months, test results have detected local Mosquito populations carrying Ross River Virus, Edge Hill Virus and Kokobera Virus, here locally, in Picnic Point and Deepwater park in Milperra.”

Councillor Steve Tuntevski

He says problem areas need to be identified and strategies need to be developed and implemented to protect the health of residents and visitors. 

“What’s the use of having a mosquito monitoring program if there is no ongoing management or response program?” he said.

“Disease control is the responsibility of the State Government and I call on them to take appropriate action.

“I want to avert future public health emergencies.”