Have dual occupancy say

THE question of the most suitable lot size for dual occupancies, such as duplexes and semi-detached houses, is causing community concern.

Over plans to introduce minimum block size of 600sqm

From July, the State Government will impose a new Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code which allows larger dual occupancy buildings than those which the existing Cumberland Council controls allow.

For a typical block in Cumberland’s low density residential zones, this could be as much as 80 per cent larger and without council approval or the need to consult with the community.

Responding to the change, the council is proposing the introduction of a 600sqm minimum requirement in R2 Low Density Residential and R3 Medium Density Residential zones, with the plan open for public comment until Wednesday, April 17.

For landholders with a lot size smaller than 600sqm, the proposal would mean that the ability for dual occupancy development on their site was no longer available. 

The council approved a total of 1,166 dual occupancy developments between 2013 and October 2018, with 827 Development Applications (DAs) approved in the former Holroyd LGA; 155 in the former Parramatta LGA and 184 in the former Auburn LGA.

The council considered a number of possible minimum lot size scenarios and during debate on the issue last year, Councillor Eddy Sarkis described 600sqm as “a slap in the face to the community”.

He said that the average size of a block in Cumberland was 556sqm, with many Auburn blocks even smaller than the Cumberland average.

“You’ve robbed more than half of the community from being able to give their kids, their families, a head start in life by taking away from them what they were able to do in previous years,” Cr Sarkis said at the time.