Have certainty we’re not alone

Man Kneeling and Praying in Church

CHRIST is risen, He is truly risen.

This is the message of the Church for all women and men, regardless of social status, race, colour, or language.
Christ our hope is alive! How much pain and suffering exists today in the world, natural calamities and human tragedies are not lacking, but Christ has risen, “by his wounds we have been healed”.
Through the wounds of Christ we can see with hope all the evils that afflict humanity and strengthened by the grace of God we can continue on our pilgrimage of life with the certainty that we are not alone.
Christ our hope is alive and with him we will also live. May the resurrection of Christ strength our hearts and dissipate all our fears, specially the fear of death, because the resurrection of Christ means that death has been defeated, Christ came back from death, so death has not more dominion upon us.
With Christ and in Christ we are call to live and to live in fullness.
Happy Easter to you all.
St John of God Auburn parish.