Harmony Day event celebrates diversity

DURING Term 1, our school celebrated Harmony Day to acknowledge Australia’s cultural diversity and its inclusiveness.

By JENNY LAM (student)

Bankstown Girls’ High School is one that embraces linguistic and cultural diversity across the students and community; the focus on multiculturalism, equality and celebration of cultural identity is the school’s greatest strength.
This year’s Harmony Day was opportunity for students to reflect on the different cultures, diversity and belonging.
The hosted Rhett, an Indigenous representative speaking on the importance of smoking ceremonies and the values that plants symbolise to the Indigenous community. His words and ideas were relatable to everyone, regardless of beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
Next was Mrs Esta Paschalidis-Chilas, who told the students about her support work with refugees, people seeking asylum, migrants, people seeking employment and disadvantaged members of society.
Her work focused on enabling these minorities to reach their maximum potential and overcome the many challenges that can arise when moving to a new country, learning new languages and finding employment in unfamiliar settings.
School captains, Mia and Shaza, performed powerful, moving performances reflecting their perception of harmony, identity and the importance of inclusiveness.
There were also various musical items from Angelina, Vivienne, Marwa, Ainsle and Kathyrn which was the highlight of the assembly, portraying the true meaning of Harmony Day through their exceptional performances.
To conclude, Harmony Day was a successful celebration; embracing the differences found in culturally diverse communities and together, celebrating inclusiveness to foster a sense of belonging for everyone.
Beyond this, celebrating the values of Harmony Day truly captured what it means to be a part of Bankstown Girls’ High School.