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Handel genius in choir showcase

A BRILLIANT composer, who injected more life into his music than any composer before, Handel will be a major drawcard to a Sydney Chamber Choir’s concert, starring Padstow soprano Ria Adriani, this Saturday from 7.30pm in the Great Hall at Sydney University.

Ria, who is blind, a translator of scores and texts into braille, said: “The concert, ‘A Royal Affair’, will feature Handel’s mighty coronation anthem, used by the Royal Family since 1727, and contemporary choral gems by two Masters of the Queen’s Music, including Australia’s Malcolm Williamson who brings a larrikin spirit to this role.

“His ‘Symphony of Voices’, exploring the spirituality of the Australian landscape to a text by poet James McAuley, will be performed, as will his ‘Love, the Sentinel’, a haunting work composed after a worker’s death during Britain’s industrial unrest in 1972.

“The audience will find this concert highly enjoyable and a celebration of words as much as the music.”

Replacing the late and esteemed Richard Gill as conductor, Sam Allchurch said the 30 choristers would be backed by a 21-piece orchestra.

“Old pieces take on new meanings and relevance in new contexts, and Sydney Chamber Choir is at its best when exploring connections between old and new music.”

Tickets: From $50 ($45 conc) at sydneychamberchoir.org or call 1300 661 738.