Hairdressers, barbers soldier on

Many of Cumberland’s brave hairdressers and barbers are soldiering on with or without their staff, despite business taking a big hit.
Auburn’s Black Diamond Hair & Beauty owner Ferman Kul is relieved the 30-minute appointment rule has been relaxed but says he needs more customers to walk through the doors.
Fatana’s Makeover House in Guildford has lost 50 per cent of their business over the banning of beauty services.

“It’s devastating,” staffer Jane said.
The owner of SF Hair Design on Auburn Road, Fuat Unao, is very concerned at the lack of customers, though welcomes the lifting of appointment restrictions.
“Business is down everywhere; I’m looking out of my window at an empty street,” he said.
Lidcombe’s Blonde & Brunettes owner Sara Jahani says it is a huge relief the 30-minute appointment rule has been lifted.
“That was good news as you can’t do anything in half an hour but we need more than that. Business is very quiet, hardly any customers but there is nothing we can do about it; it’s the same for everyone.”