Gymnast wins two gold

BANKSTOWN gymnast Alex Ibrahim has landed back home and now sports two national titles after having faced the country’s best in Melbourne.

Altitude Gymsports, where Ibrahim trains, was founded in Bankstown in 2011 but has since relocated Meadowbank, has nurtured many athletes into champions.
Some of these Bankstown athletes have also managed to walk away with trophies from the national championships this year, including Lucas Dawes who came back with a bronze for synchronised trampoline and a gold for tumbling at level 5.
Winning second place for trampoline at level 6, was Blake Pardey and scoring third place in synchronised trampoline at level 7, was Carla Tremolada.
This year at the nationals, the premier state was the clear winner having brought home, collectively, 117 gold, 79 silver and 86 bronze.
Aaron Bloomfield, Gymnastics NSW CEO, could not have been prouder of the team’s success.
“Team NSW has once again returned home with more national medals than any other State. With both Australian champions and new national squad members, it is clear that the last 12 months of hard work has paid off,” he said.
When asked about what makes her gymnasts so successful, founder of Altitude Gymsports, Michelle Mason, said: “The nice, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and we have dedicated staff who work very hard at their craft, do their best and maintain their standards.”
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