Man facing numerous charges for gun supply

A GUILDFORD man is facing numerous charges over his alleged involvement in the supply of firearms.

The 36-year-old man’s arrest last Tuesday followed a two-year investigation by Strike Force Cutey into the the supply of illicit firearms across Sydney’s south-west.
During the course of the investigation, police allegedly seized 15 firearms, including a prohibited 9mm submachine pistol, an SKS semi-automatic machine rifle, pump-action shotguns, various rifles, handguns and about 700 rounds of various calibre ammunition, in addition to approximately 830 grams of cocaine valued at more than $560,000.
The man was charged with six counts of supply prohibited firearm to unauthorised person, seven counts of supply, give ammunition to person not authorised, five counts of supply firearm to person unauthorised to possess it, three counts of supply pistol to person unauthorised to possess it, two counts of sell prohibited weapon to person without permit, unlawfully sell firearms three times or more within 12 months, possess unauthorised prohibited firearm and possess or use prohibited weapon without permit.
He was also served with a Firearms Prohibition Order and Weapons Prohibition Order.