Guide to keep workplace safe

SAFEWORK NSW has launched a digital version of its popular Easy to do WHS Toolkit, after small business across the state showed they embraced the support in improving health and safety in their workplace

SafeWork NSW Executive Director Specialist Services, Andrew Gavrielatos said that since a hard copy of the toolkit had been available from October 2018, it had been downloaded more than 9,500 times and more than 5,600 hard copies had been handed out.
“The toolkit is an essential small-business tool, enabling operators to improve their awareness, knowledge and capacity to manage health and safety in their workplace, Mr Gavrielatos said.
“This digital version is a real benefit to the state’s 700,000 small businesses as it provides an online self-assessment tool with tailored advice, information and practical templates.
“A lot of small businesses don’t always feel they have the time, resources or expertise when it comes to managing workplace health and safety – this digital kit makes it easier.”
The kit helps operators fulfil their obligations in putting together a Return to Work policy, as well as covering topics like reporting of incidents and making the workplace safer.
“A safe working environment means designing and maintaining your workplace to minimise physical and mental health risks – and this toolkit helps you identify what those risks are,” Mr Gavrielatos said.
The toolkit is accessible on most devices as part of SafeWork NSW’s newly redeveloped website. This site provides up to date content, information and safety videos, with the ability to translate into multiple languages.
To view the Easy to Do Work Health and Safety toolkit, visit