Group determined to get men talking to aid well being

ON average, 100,000 men will suffer from mental health challenges like loneliness, anxiety and depression every year in Australia.

But with the early intervention of a mentor, these challenges can be prevented from escalating into a full blown mental health crisis – someone who’s there to listen to their problems, to support them when the going gets tough.
Not-for-profit group Mentoring Men Ltd aims to provide a mentor to any man who reaches out and if they can’t help, can provide connection to further services.
Recently boosted by a Cumberland Council grant of $14,788, Mentoring Men’s National Program Manager Vanessa Bullman said over 1,000 men have been ‘matched’ with mentors since the group began in 2018.
“It’s a bit like if you have two pots boiling on the stove, you can manage that but what if you have six or seven pots boiling, you need to get support from someone to ease the load and make your cooktop more manageable,” she said.
“We put guys who need a bit of support in touch with guys who want to give a bit of support.
“We believe men aren’t talking enough and our volunteer mentors are trained professionals who have often been through the same thing such as relationship troubles, loneliness or isolation or PTSD issues.”
The free service operates how (on phone, in person) and as long as the client needs it.
Mentoring Men Ltd also runs free courses in mentor training and suicide prevention which Vanessa says benefits men as well as women.
“It would be a nicer society if we all had training in personal skills and how to listen to each other,” she said.
To get support or training: or 1300 583 925.