Good drivers’ demerit scrub

MORE than 1.1 million motorists will begin to see a demerit point scrubbed from their licence as reward for maintaining good driver behaviour during the first year of the NSW Government’s demerit point trial that promotes safer roads.

The 12-month demerit point trial, which ended on January 16, provided an incentive for drivers to follow the rules and those who remained offence-free, will now benefit with a demerit point removed.
The trial has been extended for another 12 months as the NSW Government sharpens its focus on road safety in 2024.
Anyone with a NSW unrestricted licence, including professional drivers, and a demerit point on their record, has another opportunity to have a point scrapped if they remain offence-free between January 17, 2024 and January 16, 2025.
The vast majority of eligible motorists will see their demerit points removed immediately, but a small cohort will need to wait until offence notifications are finalised and court settlements processed.
Eligible drivers will not have to do anything as they will automatically have their demerit point returned. Drivers will be able to check this in their demerit point summary of the Service NSW app or by logging into their MyServiceNSW account via the Service NSW website.
Minister for Roads, John Graham, said that thanks to the drivers who followed the rules over the 12 month trial, “we are all safer as a result”.