Golf course hopes to stay open sinks

WITH the last round for thousands across NSW on the weekend, golf is the latest sport to go on the Covid-19 chopping block after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Sunday night that outdoor gatherings had been restricted to no more than two people.

Australians, particularly those aged over 70, have also been told to stay home where possible.
But while people are allowed to leave the house for exercise, indoor and outdoor gyms have been closed and personal training has now been limited.
“While golf is used as exercise for many, it was clear golf did not fall within those parameters in the past 24 hours,” a Golf Australia statement said.
“All golf clubs and facilities have been advised to close until further notice.”
Rightly devastated, spokespeople from Canterbury Bankstown courses at Woodville, Sefton, Bankstown and Beverly Hills, say they have no option but to comply with government directives.
Sefton Golf Club’s Darren Kermond said: “We’re closed and it’s tough but it’s tough on everyone at the moment.
“We have to do the right thing, especially if it helps. A little bit of pain now might mean the faster we get over it.”
A Bankstown Golf Club spokesperson said it was particularly upsetting seeing as their course was in such ‘tip top’ condition.
“But of course, we’re abiding by what we have been told.”
Canterbury Golf Course manager Geoff Scott said it was a blow, considering they were making every effort to stay safe and all players were being very supportive.
“All social groups were cancelled but we had members playing only in two-person groups,” he said.
“You had to be extra careful at the first tee but then, no problem.
“It is a big shame because 68 per cent of our golfers are seniors members; it’s their exercise and their social outlet but what can you do.”
Golf Australia reported nearly 400,000 playing members around the country in its 2018-19 annual report.
Of those, 80 per cent were males with an average age of 56 years.
The average of Australian golf clubs’ female members is 64.
Clubs are advised that golf course maintenance may continue as long as staff adhere strictly to social distancing requirements.