Going Dry this July to ease cancer suffering

WHILE alcohol is a legal and common way many societies stimulate social interaction, when consumed at high levels over long periods, it can undermine physical health and cause cancers and other disease.

Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages Australians to go alcohol-free in July each year to raise funds for people affected by cancer, with Canterbury’s George Organ among the thousands who have already enjoyed their first week ‘dry’.
He said having a month off alcohol offered great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, waking up refreshed.
This will be George’s seventh year of Dry July and he hit his $20,000 goal for the McGrath Foundation (a Dry July charity partner where funds can be directed) on the last day of June after losing his mother to breast cancer four years ago.
“The McGrath Foundation nurse was a great comfort for mum emotionally and practically during her battle,” he said.
“As well as being an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry own, they pointed her in the direction of home help and financial support which made a huge difference to her peace of mind.
“Unlike other charities, Dry July also benefits you; I love a beer but keeping off the booze for a while makes you feel pretty good and certainly helps reduce your waistline.
“I would encourage everyone to get involved.”
If you have a special occasion in July, you can always buy a Golden Ticket which gives a Dry July participant a night off their challenge.
For a minimum $25 donation, even a night off can still make a difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.
To sign up to take part, donate or to donate to Georges’s efforts, go to