Go fishing for great pet

THEY come when you call them and are said to attract good luck, Koi, or ‘brocaded’ multi-coloured carp, are becoming popular in Australia, as they are almost world wide, because they are beautiful, often very tame and great fun to keep.

Enjoying your koi at home is one thing, but most people also like to show their koi and relish the opportunity to see what other people are producing. The hobby would probably not survive anywhere without the challenge of the show scenario.
This year, for the first time, the Australian Koi Association (AKA) based in Riverwood but with members across south west Sydney and the Koi Society of Australia (KSA) have got together to put on a free joint show to be staged at the International Equestrian Centre on May 26, 9am-3pm.
“This is a really exciting event to which we hope to attract a large and high quality field of koi exhibits,” Bankstown member Ian Andrews said.
“For our visitors, there will also be quite a selection of additional vendors offering a huge range of items including other pets for sale such as birds, rabbits and reptiles plus bonsai, cactus and orchids. Come and join us for a wonderful day out.
“Although koi can be kept in a fish tank, they were originally bred for their colours and patterns to be enjoyed from above, therefore they at their most beautiful in a garden pond.
“A water feature is always a very special addition to any garden and a group of koi in it puts the finishing touch. Koi do need clean water however, some sort of filter on the pond is a must although it can be a very simple affair. Anyone interested in the koi hobby is very welcome to contact any of the Koi Clubs for more information; we really would like to see more people enjoying koi!”