Gig to debut lush lively album

BALKAN vibrancy, Turkish markets, Celtic stories and Australia’s own stunning landscapes are the inspiration for a lush, new album, starring vocalist and clarinetist Laura Altman of Dulwich Hill, from ‘indefinable’ crossover band Chaika to be launched at Annandale’s The Newsagency on June 30.

Recorded and produced by ARIA award-winning team Bob Scott and Llew Kiek, Chaika’s vast influences and experiences combine to create cinematic, genre-blending music with the lushness and dexterity of jazz, the finesse and craft of classical musicians and the earthiness of folk music to create a superb world of sound that transcends labels.
Chaika comprises Altman (clarinet, vocals), Laura Bishop (percussion, piano, accordion, vocals), Susie Bishop (violin, guitar, vocals), Johan Delin (double bass, vocals), Rendra Freestone (percussion, guitar, vocals) and Emily-Rose Sarkova (accordion, piano, vocals).
“Wherever appreciative ears assemble – from roots and folk festivals to the world-class environs of Sydney’s City Recital Hall – Chaika surprise, thrill and move the unsuspecting listener,” Altman said.
“Decidedly outside the norm, Chaika traverse another age, journeying an unidentifiable era and landscape, in a manner simply referred to by The Australian as ‘enchanting’.”
Tickets: $22 ($25 at door); for bookings, visit