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Get support to stay in own home for longer

HOME Care Packages (HCP) provide people over 65 years of age who have higher level care needs, with the support they need to stay independent and well in their own homes.

The HCP also provides a subsidy towards the cost to support clients with ongoing services and case management.
If you have been assessed as eligible for a Home Care Package and are looking for a service provider, Canterbury City Community Centre would love to hear from you.
Known locally as the 4cs, Canterbury City Community Centre has a well-deserved reputation for providing quality services with caring, professional staff who can support you with personal care, domestic assistance, transport to appointments and social support.
“We can also arrange for gardening and lawn mowing, home nursing, allied health services, home maintenance and modifications, and respite care,” 4cs Manager Gillian Whalley-Okafor said.
“Just over a year ago, client Simon, 78, approached us looking for support to deliver his Home Care Package.
“Simon, who had a dementia diagnosis, was living alone and had no family support. He had a strong interest in history and still saw a few old friends occasionally.
“However he struggled to keep his house in order and transport was an issue for him. We were able to match him up with Care Worker Peter, also a history buff. Peter worked with Simon to sort and organise his paperwork and get his home into order.
“With the support that he needed Simon is now living well, has something to look forward to each week and is again connected to the outside world.
“Finding your way through the My Aged Care system and paperwork can be confusing – our experienced staff will explain the process to you and support you every step of the way.”
For further info, call 9750 9344 and ask for Gina, the Home Care Coordinator.