Get skills to be alert to those in need

HERE is an opportunity to be a lifesaver by learning how to recognise the signs of suicide and be more aware of those in need – register for the council’s Safetalk Suicide Alertness Workshop.

Hosted by Educaid Australia, with support from LivingWorks and the NSW Government, it’s an opportunity for those aged 15 and above in a culturally safe setting to learn skills from a registered trainer, have access to resources and benefit from powerful audio-visual learning aids as well as being introduced to the simple yet effective TALK steps – Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep Safe.
There will be hands-on skills practise and development with lunch provided at the two free (usually $200 a person) workshops, Monday, April 22, and Wednesday, April 24, 10am-1.30pm, at council offices, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands.
Educaid founder Ziyad Serhan said that as a a science high school teacher, he was always passionate about mentoring and talking to young people from migrant backgrounds about their wellbeing.
“It was only until I started to put ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together did I realise the prevalence and unspoken impacts of mental health struggles,” he said.
“After completing a course in mental health first aid in 2017, I realised that being equipped with skills and a framework to assist others was key.”
Using his passion for education and pedagogy, Ziyad quickly came to realise that education was an important vehicle in breaking down stigma and taboos.
“Five years on, and having worked in the mental health space in workplace, community and school settings, Educaid is seeking to create a movement to change the narrative around mental health in culturally diverse and religious communities.”
To register to attend: