Gear up for ride of lives to help young

☐ Colin and Candy Duff are in training to ride 780km in seven days to raise money for children’s education in the outback.

FORMER Padstow Rotary President Colin Duff is about to saddle up for the ride of his life after wife Candy suggested they go on a holiday to far north Queensland for a couple of weeks.

Colin explains: “I said, ‘sounds great; should we drive or fly’? ‘We’ll ride, Candy said, as if there was no other possible way.
“And so here we are now in training to cover by bicycle 780km in seven days from Cairns on the east coast to the Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
“It’s all to raise money for children’s education in the outback through charity C2K. It will be a hard slog as some days, we’ll need to cover over 150km. Our training alone will take over three months. And it won’t be easy since we’ll be cycling 120km at a time; we have done a bit of riding, even in France, but this will definitely challenge us.”
Planning to set off at the end of June, the couple who are training three to four days a week, are paying their own way to take part in the event, including sleeping out under the stars along the way.
“But we are inviting community members to make a small donation to help educate children in the outback; no amount is too small and if you can’t help that’s fine too,” Colin added.
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