Garage Sale Trail countdown’s on

THE countdown is on to the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales and one of Australia’s biggest community events.

Residents have embraced the Garage Sale Trail and are expected to turn out in their thousands on Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20.
Everyone’s encouraged to declutter, reuse, meet the neighbours and earn some money by joining in the weekend of simultaneous garage sales which will be held across the Inner West by households, schools, community groups and other organisations.
Last year the council topped the NSW leaderboard with 415 sales or stalls. This year the council is aiming to increase that number to 500 as an official supporter of the event, encouraging the community to embrace the reuse and second-hand culture of the Inner West.
Last year 6,406 people took part in Garage Sale Trails in the Inner West either as a shopper or seller. There were 3,173 participating seller or shopper households.
The sales also help to raise general awareness of recycling with 82 per cent of last year’s participants reporting that they are more conscious about waste and understanding their role in reducing it.
The key messages of Garage Sale Trail: Reusing items has a positive impact on the planet and our community; doing more to avoid and reduce the amount of waste we create; and only items in good condition should be donated to charities,
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