Funny side of ‘women like us’

A SHOW that will shock, inspire and demystify, the widely popular stand-up comedy act, ‘Women Like Us’ is coming to the Bryan Brown Theatre.

The performance comes from comedy duo veterans Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs and seeks to unravel “a lot of the garbage that we’re fed about being women”, says Briggs.

The pair, who have garnered praise from audience and critics alike, have performed over 100 shows at festivals across Australia and later plan to tour New Zealand and the UK.

The two women have well over 30 years of comedy experience between them, and this year, released their book, ‘Women Like Us’, nationally.

“Our show is stand up so there are much broader strokes, but in our book we go a little deeper,” Mandy said. 

“We really delve into the stories and experiences that have made us who we are.”

Ellen said it’s not a show just for women.

“In the same way a comedy show by two men would never be seen as a bloke’s only show, ‘Women Like Us’ is about making our experiences universal rather than ‘niche’,” she said.

“As it turns out, there are a lot more ‘women like us’ out there than we ever realised. There’s even a growing tribe of ‘men like us too’!

“We want our comedy to shine a light on a lot of the rubbish that we’re fed about being women. We tell everyday stories about our struggles, our failure to parent, the beauty industry, getting fatter, strange surgeries, obsessions, frustrations and at the end of the day, ‘who unpacks the dishwasher’.”

One reviewer raved: “Two totally relatable ladies who hit the nail on the head of charismatic female comedy; prepare yourself to be hunched over in hysterics!” 

Catch ‘Women Like Us’ from Friday, June 14, from 8pm. Tickets: $40 at byranbrowntheatre.com.au or 9707 9404.