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From first actress to royal mistress

DULWICH Hill’s Tiffany Hoy is set to star as the gutsy, feminist and survivor, Nell Gwyn, alongside fellow resident Richard Littlehales, in the Castle Hill Players’ last performance for the year.

AFTER an incredible response to the poignant Diary of Anne Frank, Castle Hill Players end their 2019 season with ‘Nell Gwynn’, a bouncy, bawdy and engaging look at Restoration England and starring Dulwich Hill’s Tiffany Hoy and Richard Littlehales.
It is London, 1660. The Puritans have been routed and King Charles II has taken the throne – and brought with him a love of all things loud, extravagant and sexy.

In Drury Lane, the heart of the theatre district, a young Nell Gwynn is peddling oranges when her sassy nature gets her a role on stage – the very first woman to ever do so.
She is very talented and soon has the attention of the new King.
But in a time when women are second-class citizens, can Nell’s charm and fearless spirit protect her from the dangers of the court?
Tiffany said: “I love playing Nell. She’s gutsy, a feminist and a survivor.
“Born in a brothel, Nell goes from orange seller to becoming one of the first female actors … and finally royal mistress.
“It’s an astounding elevation; no wonder people still find it fascinating today.
“It’s a delightful romp, with original music and some emotional notes that give depth to these characters; the audience will find it fresh and relatable.”
Catch ‘Nell Gwynn’ at the Pavilion Theatre from November 15-December 7.
Tickets: $22-$27.
Bookings: paviliontheatre.org.au or 9634 2929.